Brand X Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is the whip, well known through out Central Michigan reaching into the Detroit area! Hard, & compact yet florally strong, piney, dank smell! we just love it! sedates for hours, definitely a day wrecker if you over indulge!! Hats off to the breeder! Hear he's doing Fed time for growing this gorgeous female!”

  • “Wow! Goooooood medicine, great for insomnia & pain”

  • “killer strain, great for pain & insomnia”

  • “This is hands down one of my personal favorites ,from its beautiful look ,to its perfect aroma and taste! Truely a product of a job well done!!!”

  • “This is a well rounded strain, it is potent, stinky, hard & pretty! Like your girlfriend after... I can't write that! Ha! Pure Michigan genetics”

  • “I became intimately familiar with Brand X back in 1984, and I loved it, as it was infinitely better than anything else available at the time.... I'm glad to see it available once again.”

  • “Brand X is the signature strain of Masterpiece Medical group. A Flint, Michigan based medical collective. They will be introducing several Michigan genetics in future! This strain is hard, compact, & all indica. smells of pine mint. The effects are heady & pure body, great for all types of chronic pain & sleep disorders! A real thumbs up medicine!!”

  • “This strain is perfect for those looking to treat anxiety. A great body relaxation accompanies the calm, near-sedate head high.”