Bubba's Gift Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This wonderful creation of Bubba Kush crossed with God's Gift (I got it from Phat Panda farms, don't know if they created it or not) produces one of the best and most diverse smell, flavor, and effect profile I've experienced in a LONG time. It's thoroughly indica and has an ineffable combination of sweet, fruity, earthy, purple/grape-like, flowerly smells that carry over almost entirely into the taste -- the effects...”

  • “Purchased from Greenside Rec by Phat Panda Flower: No doubt this is one of the most beautiful flowers you will ever see. Purple indica buds with evergreen leaves and vibrant orange hairs. Everything is covered in a healthy dusting of frost. I shit you not I stared at this bud for a good ten minutes under the magnifying glass in absolute awe. Smell: Skunky grape pungent and earthy Crumble: grinds into a purple fluff...”

  • “Giving this one 5 stars for some specific reasons. First being that I smoked half a joint of this stuff and had absolutely ZERO anxious/paranoid feelings whatsoever. If you're an anxiety sufferer and some of the heavier heady strains cause you to get butterflies, give this one a try. Second, the smell was damn unique. It was almost a fresh cut lime, mixed with a frozen blackberry that had just finished thawing out. H...”

  • “I am a smoker of purely indica these days, medicating PTSD & anxiety. This strain helped me fall asleep comfortably. Definitely euphoric, with no paranoia. Grounding & creative energies. I've read this is a daytime indica but I found it to make me a little too sleepy for the wake & bake. Pretty flowers. ♡”

  • “Fruity with a lovely frosted dark purple color. Relaxed, but not mush. Elevated, but comfortable. Not speedy or hyper. Worries will melt away. Indica profile, but not in a bad way. I think I could get a lot done at work with this. I'm more focused and interested in things. Really good stuff.”

  • “There is no questioning this strain from a consumption perspective....but if you plan on growing .....this little jewel vegge's sooooooooo slow. I have a sativa already showing preflowers and 7 nodes tall and my BG hasnt even developed its first preflower. Both germed exact same day and the BG is still crawling to its 5th node. But she is weellllllll worth the wait!”

  • “Lovely Indica plant. Not one to grow outdoor in damp climates-mould grew in many flowers. Nice high.”

  • “A true top shelf strain. Looks and tastes amazing. Almost so beautiful I don't want to smoke it.”