Bubblegum Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My favorite strain so far. Long, strong head and body stone. Spicy smell, and a great strain right before bed. Smoke is a bit rough, but has a great flavor being sweet and a little spicy. Stone lasts for hours.”

  • “If your a Indica "couch lock" fan than this stuff is a must try! Smells incredibly sweet just like bubblegum, tastes even better, extremely Kiefed out lovely looking buds this strain has definitely climbed to the top quick for me. I'd highly recommend this for Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia. Vaped the first bowl and felt great, went for the second and passed out half way through, the potency on the batch I have ...”

  • “love it from da smell and the double bubble gum taste”

  • “Great taste, burns really well great with joints/blunts. Smoked it a while back and blew me away. Great strain.”

  • “Has stayed my firm favourite since it was introduced to me two years ago. Pain, stress and and depression disappear in minutes, and leaves me with a calm and productive energy. Excellent for working as a writer, as it inspires a lot of creative thought, as well as the motivation to follow through with them. I really can't think of a single situation I wouldn't handle better after smoking this. The one downside I ha...”

  • “Great pugnent smell, when you grind it up..smells like bubblegum.”

  • “Great Green, A nice spicy flavor and smell I get super hungry though, along with some crazy cotton mouth. Good for relaxing and watching your favorite TV shows.”

  • “This weed creates a very relaxed high, but I also didn't feel to sleepy like with most indicas. It made music amazing too! I vaped it with my pax and I noticed it really did not taste like bubblegum at all I thought it tasted more like the flavors below. NOTE: Burns very well, long lasting effects and extremely potent.”