Buckeye Purple Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Taste like Skittles and you definitely feel the rainbow. Great for examining the headspace that only a true couch lock strain can give you”

  • “Great , heavy, tasting purp with a very pungent sour aroma and taste.”

  • “Taste like fruity pebbles and its very relaxing enjoyed this strain”

  • “Nice Heady High, Delecious Draw, Mild on the Lungs.”

  • “Great for straight up couchlock and getting your brain to quiet. Don't make plans if you've made a date with the buckeye. Tastes awesome too.”

  • “perfect lightweight head high great body relaxer total chill mode strain, can tell I'm in for a great night sleep, and still have your wits about you”

  • “Did not even give the slightest buzz even though it was extremely purple”

  • “I'm writing this review after noticing ZERO negatives on the graph charts .. after smoking I must agree . This strain is very heavy hitting And early on too which I like . I'm so glad I grabbed this today. Grown in small batch . So I was told.. either way. It tasted great and burned nice n even . Clean white ash . And the sleep came on rather easily. Definitely try again”