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Burkle Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Location: Lightshade on 6th THC: 16.69% CBD: Unknown THC-A: 10.28% Additional Notes: I saw this strain at Lightshade on 6th about a month ago while visiting Denver, but wasn't able to try them. The looks and smell were almost identical both visits. Appearance Rating: 5.00 Appearance Description: These Burkle are truly beautiful. They're a neon green color with some pieces showing more purple than others. They hav...”

  • “It is obvious this strain is indica. I smoked some and was very euphoric. After the euphoria passed, I was still very relaxed and in a good mood. I did smoke it and go back inside and was told that I reeked so I would use caution when smoking around people who are easily offended by the smell.”

  • “Burkle is one of my all time favorite Indicas and I smoke it as often as I can. A good batch of Burkle should smell a little spicy and sweet at the same time. You should feel your eyelids drop a little when that aroma hits your nose. A really good strain if you have trouble sleeping like I do. Usually I sleep throughout the night when I smoke a few bowls in my bong. Highly recommend for any Indica lover.”

  • “this one is fire. looks good, smells good and smokes better. nice 26% makes sure for a pleasing high. really relieved pain in my lower back after a few bowls. good stuff”

  • “This was the first indica i've tried and by far my favorite strain i've had. Got an amazing deal from LivWell in Garden city, $99/oz. The smell and flavor are unreal and the effects are fast hitting and long lasting. Great for someone that struggles with insomnia.”

  • “I love this strain! It makes me completely happy and stress free. Even makes me lay there and just laugh....even when all by myself. That never happens, and I live in Denver and try many many strains.”

  • “My first real strain I loved in Colorado, my ole man brought it home. Smoked it and loved Another good Strain For Anxiety/Bi-polar, as it being an Indica it still Kept me active and calm.”

  • “My new favorite. Burkle is awesomeness. With pre 98 bubba x grandaddy purple you can't go wrong. Very happy relaxing high that will put your ass to sleep. The smell and taste are amazing and the high is second to none. Very good pain relief as well. It helped my crohn's and back pain immensely. Made me sleep like a baby.”