Burkle Reviews

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  • “Location: Lightshade on 6th THC: 16.69% CBD: Unknown THC-A: 10.28% Additional Notes: I saw this strain at Lightshade on 6th about a month ago while visiting Denver, but wasn't able to try them. The looks and smell were almost identical both visits. Appearance Rating: 5.00 Appearance Description: These Burkle are truly beautiful. They're a neon green color with some pieces showing more purple than others. They hav...”

  • “It is obvious this strain is indica. I smoked some and was very euphoric. After the euphoria passed, I was still very relaxed and in a good mood. I did smoke it and go back inside and was told that I reeked so I would use caution when smoking around people who are easily offended by the smell.”

  • “This was the first indica i've tried and by far my favorite strain i've had. Got an amazing deal from LivWell in Garden city, $99/oz. The smell and flavor are unreal and the effects are fast hitting and long lasting. Great for someone that struggles with insomnia.”

  • “Burkle is one of my all time favorite Indicas and I smoke it as often as I can. A good batch of Burkle should smell a little spicy and sweet at the same time. You should feel your eyelids drop a little when that aroma hits your nose. A really good strain if you have trouble sleeping like I do. Usually I sleep throughout the night when I smoke a few bowls in my bong. Highly recommend for any Indica lover.”

  • “I love this strain! It makes me completely happy and stress free. Even makes me lay there and just laugh....even when all by myself. That never happens, and I live in Denver and try many many strains.”

  • “this smells as sweet as a rose and tastes as sweet as candy! absolutely! a bit of a couch potato maker tho. definately if you wanna chill, and i mean ¢hi11. very relaxing. has to be my favourite. 10/10 would smoke again...and again...and again...”

  • “My first real strain I loved in Colorado, my ole man brought it home. Smoked it and loved Another good Strain For Anxiety/Bi-polar, as it being an Indica it still Kept me active and calm.”

  • “Site says not available in Henderson NV, but I justed picked up some @Jenny's”