Cadillac Purple Reviews

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  • “Tried some Purple Cadillac wax from Elemental Wellness in SJC. Pretty good medicine for PTSD, Anxiety, and Pain. No complaints about the smooth taste. It does seem to be a bit of a creeper, and I wound up probably taking one hit too many due to my impatience, but that's okay. It's part of the learning curve. When it took effect it was very relaxing, relieved most of my anxiety, did a good job on pain, and I had ...”

  • “Green Door's GDP variant hit the spot. In fact, it hit all the spots. The great indica body buzz felt like a full body massage all over my body. The body buzz started out like a full on shoulder rub, then it just spread everywhere else on my body. This is very relaxed & calming and my brain for the most part was very well intact. It made the buzz all the more enjoyable since my head wasn't too spaced out. This ...”

  • “Dispensary: Desert Rose One of the most complex strains in all aspects from color and smoke straight down to the effects upon consumption. Words don't do it justice in my opinion.. best way to understand is just to find some and smoke it for yourself. It's like licking Wonka wallpaper, inhale/exhale varied from hints of grape to notes of citrus 💯”

  • “So far this is one of the best indica strains i have ever smoked. Very good strain for insomnia so the best time to smoke it is 30 minutes or an hour before going to bed. Make sure you have a glass of water next to you cause it makes you thirsty. Before it brings you a nice calm sleep(talking about 1 hour or 30 minutes before getting to bed) it makes you feeling euphoric and happy so i guess it also a good staring fo...”

  • “This shit right here is my new favorite strain!!! Great taste, heavenly smell, very sedative and relaxing couch-lock body high!! The head high is very chill and soothing!! Gave me the munchies, made me laugh a lot, but my favorite part, was the body-tingling pain-free feeling!!”

  • “I picked up this strain the other day in hopes that it'll provide exceptional pain relief and euphoria, and it didn't disappoint. Being an indica strain, this will lock you into the couch super hard, super quick. It didn't "creep" on me like other users did, but everyone has different experiences. After about 30-45 minutes of it gaining on me, my eyes were so heavy that I had to call it a night. The sleep I got was a...”

  • “Dispensary: Desert Rose Phoenix This batch of Cadillac Purple consisted of large, dense dark green and purple buds. Upon opening the jar it had a fairly robust coffee aroma accompanied by a sweet underlying scent of fresh picked berries. The smoke is fairly complex, inhale is reminiscent of the way a bouquet of flowers smells, with the exhale containing notes of citrus and berry. The effects are fantastic for tho...”

  • “Very relaxing with a nice happy buzz.”