California Grapefruit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I purchased a gram and smoked about half when I got home. It was the worst experience of my life. It felt as though I was 5 years old and couldn't do anything accompanied by horrible hallucinations. The people I talked to at the dispensary seemed unsure of the product and didn't talk much but they had a fair selection that was close by. I will NEVER buy from them again.”

  • “Real indica. Awesome strong effect reaches you in 5-10 minutes after smoke. For sure i will buy it again!”

  • “This was a weaker strain, but the peppery, lime flavours made up for that. A proper indica body high.”

  • “Amazing Indica, very relaxing, hard couch lock when more is toked. Smells great, tastes crazy, and gets me stoned hard that pretty much sums up this Indica, I'd definitely get it again any day. I seem to find it best for Insomnia, Spasms & Pain. Can't get over the smell and taste, truly just like Grapefruit!”

  • “Great high...last good while.”

  • “really uplifting strain with a smell that is almost similar to grapefruits at the grocery store. Do not break down with hands....sticky icky right here! get this strain at a collective close to la mesa...." A FRIEND INDEED"”

  • “Totally awesome.”

  • “I thought I'd been told the wrong name - which is very possible. I would've imagined this was a sativa. I found it very heady but not in the annoying way some sativa's can be. I dam n near reached a psychedelic state”