Candy Cane Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My best strain for body relaxation. I take 4-5 hits before bed and my body start to be relax and my muscles become paralyzed. I start to feel my neck become warm and my head are light ! this is a very good muscle relaxant and perfect for light to medium pain. be careful. the biggest side effect is MUNCHIES !! SUGAR !!”

  • “Got this strain and was instantly tooken aback by how crystal-y it was. The nugs were tight and, quite literally, FROSTED with a beautiful layer of sparkling THC. First hit out of the bong was smooth and very good tasting. This is a strong indica so it has some couch lock effects, but overall very enjoyable. Happy, euphoric, music sounded very good. Beware tho! You MUST be around a copious amount of food when consum...”

  • “Very earthy, yet candy like strain. Perfect for late nights, and hanging out with friends, this strains effects are felt after the first hit.”

  • “great strain (almost) overall. flavor and smell are quite sweet and minty, very pleasant. the high of this itself is relaxing, euphoric, though mood swings may occur. paranoia was a frequent negative side effect, though not many others were noticed. on the bright side, this strain definitely helps with a low appetite, along with my menstrual cramps I've found as well, and made me a whole load happier.”

  • “I grew this strain this Spring. It has a wonderful white and red dusting of resins and hairs that make for beautiful buds. A little skunky , but the taste is of sweet mango and a little mint floral taste. The high is euphoric and uplifting. Makes me a little creative and energy high versus the couch effect. Low stress and relaxing. I liked this strain , will grow again.”

  • “This strain was both uplifting and energetic.. Smoked some and imediately felt less stressed out and talked up a storm. Good for parties and small stoner get togethers.. Tastes delicious as well”

  • “It actually smells like candy canes! Also, I found this strain quite potent. Where it usually takes me a couple bowls to feel any real effects, I could feel this before I even finished one!! A new fave for sure.”

  • “10/10 stars for this excellent strain, which is just screaming THC! Instant high for the body, instant high for the mind. Candy Cane produces a very sweet smell and taste just as Candy lol. Very stone high, but when indulging this strain be sure to have a maximum supply around of munchies because the hunger will never end!”