CBD Critical Mass Reviews

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  • “This strain should be famous. I picked some up at Farma in Portland. If you like CBD you have to try this. It's hard to find CBD weed that leans Indica, which this one does. Extremely (seriously) well rounded full body high that makes me think there must be something very special going on with the cannabinoid and terpene profile in this particular strain. Every time I smoke it it's perfect. I'm very picky about strai...”

  • “dabbing some critical mass extract by Root Down a grower in Washington State. thca:45 cbd:18 and terps:8.5 great taste, smooth smoke. my partner (suffers chronic pain) loves it as the night night dab, I'll use it before stressful or tense situations. I always buy this when I see it and always try to keep it stocked.”

  • “I tried this strain for the first time tonight and it's outstanding. This one's going to become a mainstay of my pain control. It vanquishes my chronic pain 100%, which doesn't usually happen for me. It has a smooth flavor and smells beautifully pungent. And it has me in such a lovely serene headspace. It was great listening to music with this strain. I noticed an hour after smoking that there was another strong wave...”

  • “I ran into this strain after trying many others that weren't working so well for me. All I can say is that after 3 small hits I have a smile on my face that the Rock himself wouldn't be able to slap offa me!! I mean wow, chills down my spine, like I just did something seriously wrong and got away with it! Makes my pain and anxiety melt away in seconds, even leaving yourself to wonder for hours on end, "was I ever ...”

  • “Love this bud, really mellow high. Felt very relaxed and at ease after smoking bowl.”

  • “1 to 1 ratio not bad not great”

  • “This is a very relaxing, mellow strain. I dry herb vape it before bed and develop a pleasant body high and meandering thoughts that lead me gently down into sleep.”

  • “This takes care of the pain aggravated by tense muscles. Relaxing, a little trippy, but then it settles down and the pain goes away. Used a vape stick for rosin. The dispensary ran out and I am carefully managing what I have left because it works. From what I've read about Critical Mass, it's parent, it's a heavy yielder, short season, compact plant.”