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CBD Shark Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “really did improve my anxiety. Due to parental issues, i didnt smoke a lot of weed at home and causious when smoking weed in general. i finally was able to get everything i needed to smoke at home without any notice (gpen, smoke buddy, smell proof stuff and good hiding spots) and have been able to smoke this before bed. I have severe anxiety and depression, as well as terrible self esteem. I find i suffer worse from ...”

  • “Being that this strain has a 50/50 ratio of CBD to THC, you won't get much of a high. You will, however, experience relaxation and pain relief. Personally, I do not want to get high EVERY night, so on those nights I'll smoke some CBD Shark and still feel relaxed with minimal head high.”

  • “I just love it, have been smoking daily for over 20 year and I find the calm effect of CBD/THC together to be very pleasant. ( probably due to growing up with Moroccan hash, which is very high in CBD and THC. )You don't get "super stoned" but neither do I want to be. I am a grown person, I have shit to do, not looking for the couch lock. I would not do only vodka shots if I drank either, I would enjoy great beer a...”

  • “Quickly becoming one of my favorite strains. I'm a medical user only and don't like a strong head high. This strain has just the right amount of THC and CBD combined. I get a nice relaxed feeling. All migraine pain gone and no real head high. Doesn't really make me sleepy, but doesn't make me too alert either. Perfect for working and still getting the relief you need.”

  • “Albeit fragrant and a pleasant smoke; this CBD Blue Shark brings many benefits; namely for Anxiety and pain. I smoke this at night and I feel relaxed, not anxious, not caring too much about any sort of worry; and best of yet, I feel it having effects on my leg. I suffer from DVT and muscle pain. This stuff works, my friends.”

  • “One of the more enjoyable high-CBD strains. Sedative sensations develop all over, particularly in belly. Don't feel brain haze, but definite mellowness. My thinking is very zen: steady, deliberate, and content. Suggested spiritual practice to try with this strain: chanting. Definitely chanting or reciting a written prayer.”

  • “We have grown it as a novice and did well. Nice big flowers and no pest or other issues. It really helped my son with nausea from chemo and reduced seizures (due to brain damage from brain cancer) significantly. My only issue was that it put him to bed (couch lock) when he needed to be up and fighting while he could. I am trying CBD Crews Skunk Haze next as it has a little more sativa in it and may be better for gett...”

  • “I really like this. It gave me a very mild buzz and left me completely functional. Anxiety gone. Also helped with nausea.”