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CBD Shark Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “CBD Shark calms my nerves without becoming stoned. I'm not sure if it helps with my insomnia but it does the trick. I prefer the stronger ones like Skywalker Kush, Romulan or OG Kush for insominia. I find CBD Shark a great strain for day use when I want to function and socialize with my family without being too obvious that I am medicated. If CBD Shark wasn't so expensive around here, it would be one of my regular ba...”

  • “If this had an option for 10 stars, I'd choose 50. Do I like this strain? Hell ya! I'm experimenting again because I've learned that the same strain does not always work the same way it did the day before. So I went and ordered five grams of this to try and I am so happy I did. I have Complex PTSD, anxiety and ADHD. The higher THC strains are hard on me - they make my anxiety worse sometimes even with a high CBD-onl...”

  • “As someone who has a low tolerance for thc, this strain is perfect for me. I do not enjoy feeling stoned, and this strain offers a mild level of intoxication that is clear-headed. It relieves my aches and pains, melts away the stress, leaving me with a relaxed and happy sleepy feeling. I can smoke this all day and be focused and relaxed on weekends when I'm just chilling, socializing or running errands. And then smok...”

  • “My first medical strain and I am in love. I used to use cannabis for anxiety and insomnia. Unfortunately as the years have gone on, many strains exacerbate both conditions, but not good ole' CBD Shark. It has the exact opposite effect, and the one I originally turned to cannabis for. My general, low-level anxiety is quelled and I can fall right asleep. This is definitely a drowsier strain for me, which I don't mind, ...”

  • “This strain has pretty much saved me over and over. I have experienced migraines for almost 8 years now. I've tried every over the counter medication around and if they did work the side effects were absolutely awful. I also get cramps to the point of puking and having to miss work. Since I've started vaping this strain I'm able to still function and go about my day without being crazy high. It also have helped a lot...”

  • “Migraine pain 4; nausea 8 when I medicated round 0330 or so. I could not sleep las nite due to my increased anxiety symptoms. Takes bout 10 min to start working. Pain gone; nausea all but gone. Meds tend to work a lil less when I'm having anxiety issues as I was yesterday. This strain worked a lot better than the last CBD strain I tried. Body/head high allowed me a few hours sleep. I could have easily stayed up all n...”

  • “Enjoyable strain, sweet and earthy smell with some berries mixed in. Smoke was fairly harsh but was probably caused by its low humidity level. Overall it was a well balanced strain which was very relaxing and kept me focused. I would recommend this for its good medicated state and very minimal head high.”

  • “I've smoked off and on since my late teens and never seemed to really find a strain I enjoyed. I have had life long obsessive compulsive, ADHD, impulsive and anxious tendencies. This stuff has been amazing. I've wanted to smoke but never found something that didn't make me crazy. I've been smoking the cbd shark oil with a vape pen and it's lasted me ages. If you're looking for a mellow happy high this is it. If y...”