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CBD Shark Reviews - Page 3

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I've smoked off and on since my late teens and never seemed to really find a strain I enjoyed. I have had life long obsessive compulsive, ADHD, impulsive and anxious tendencies. This stuff has been amazing. I've wanted to smoke but never found something that didn't make me crazy. I've been smoking the cbd shark oil with a vape pen and it's lasted me ages. If you're looking for a mellow happy high this is it. If y...”

  • “I got some CBD shark shock via Tweed Main Street here in Canada. This is the first time I’ve tried a balanced THC/CBD flower (I’m usually taking blue dream/holy grail/cotton candy). I love that I can smoke a little more than usual with CBD shark - I find smoking a super relaxing activity and am usually a little bummed that my smoking time is short (total lightweight). The effects creep up - nothing happens instantane...”

  • “I love this strain. Got it from overseas into my little ol' country half way across the world after reading past reviews on this site. All the reviewers were spot on with this strain. I get zero paranoia which is awesome. It treats my stress as its very relaxing, its not a full couch lock buzz tho. I am currently using it to get off fulltime insomnia medication woohoo. I think there may be something to the anti-infla...”

  • “Love it! Barneys farm shop version . Strong body high and mild head high, you will get "stoned" if you smoke enough of it.”

  • “The description for this strain is spot on; it's helped curb my depression, back/foot pain, and in higher doses my anxiety. The flavor takes some getting used to (for me, anyway) but I believe this will probably be my regular all day strain from now on. The one I picked up has a 2:1 ratio of CBD/THC which I feel does better for me.”

  • “I got this from Starbuds Kelowna. I'm a very big fan of this strain! In combination with my pharma meds, this stuff knocks out my nerve pain completely. It's also extremely potent; about 0.75g knocked me flat on my @$$ and couchlocked me. I can see this being used recreationally for those who want a deep, relaxing, calming chill to some movies or music; medically, this stuff is so much more important than recreationa...”

  • “This strain is a mellow relaxed little lift that eases some of my pain and inflammation. I love finding CBD rich strains that help me get through the work day! This one is a keeper :)”

  • “I love this strain I grew it on my last batch it's now the only strain I do it got big heavy buds & a smell that would get compliments from every dispensary & me & everyone else found that when we smoked it helps with the pain relief quicker than other stuff & last for a while it's a good high & hits you quick & when I grew this strain it grew over 6feet & easy to grow you can get this strain at ROSE CITY OREGANICS ...”