Chem Scout Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The most balanced hybrid I've come across. There's a euphoric heady high, combined with major body relaxation and pain relief. The buds are beautiful, super frosty with a sweet and pungent bouquet.”

  • “Bought some from Harbor Side in Oakland. It was a bit more pricy BUT WELL WORTH IT! I prefer Indicas and this one didn't. The jar label said it was a 50/50 and its made from Chem 91 X GSC. So smooth and the indica can be felt heavy. Definitely for night time such has after a long day at work or stress has well.”

  • “Very lovely strain I got some chem cookies, as soon as you hit it you will feel it immediately, it hits with a wave of relaxation and pain killing effects that will leave you feeling great.”

  • “A very heady smoke. Much more euphoric and enlightening than any indica I've had in a long time, and even more so than many of the sativas I regularly enjoy. Body high is relaxing and a little tingly, but is not accompanied by any significant couchlock. Likewise, the euphoria isn't paired with any noticeable reduction in mental clarity or focus. Good duration. This is a pretty remarkable strain. Can be equally e...”

  • “All I have to say is yes please, thank you and when can I get more. Wow. Prime real estate here ;)”

  • “Best strain I've had to date. Instant euphoria. Distinct taste. A complete mood changer. Great herb.”

  • “Really great score getting chem cookies, very earthy and exotic taste and smell cures all my back pain great for aptite. Stone is heady and fun with a raw body high to boot. All in all this is a new favorite strain of mine pretty heavy dough.”

  • “This is my favorite strain so far. It tastes like warm baked cookies coming in. I feel uplifted, motivated and relaxed. I usually experience low energy throughout my cycle and now I feel like I have a natural pick me up. It adjusts to your situation Have to drop off homemade cookies (you baked while high on Chem scout) with the neighbor, great! Wanna chill in the tub, even better! I love this strain and would defini...”