Cherry Kola Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Extremely Kiefed out very nice nugs and smells and tastes amazing! This is a great indica definitely nighttime use, but at the same time definitely a must try especially for Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia and such, works great! This is my first time with this strain and I'm glad I got such a dank batch, all enjoy!”

  • “This is a truly unique strain. For this review i grinded up some fine Cherry Kola buds and put them into a Magic Flight Launch Box. First off is the amazing aroma that hits you in the face and fills the room completely. This flower literally smells like cherry cola... its so tangy and direct... it's amazing what smells nature can produce. The first draw completely coated my throat in a greasy cherry/tangy flavor for ...”

  • “As a cluster headache patient, this strain is an excelente choice and a more efficient medicine to counterattack the hardcore pain that us clusterheads have to endure. There has been no medication or combination of pharmacos that has worked for my condition better than this strain. For those cluster-headache sufferers out there, this strain can replace sumatriptan, tencon, fioricet and many others at the time of clus...”

  • “I didn't try this exact strain but it's not listed on here so this is the closest they had, and I'm sure it's very similar. I got ahold of some Black Cherry Kola and it was the only strain I've ever seen stop a panic attack mid-panic. It works greattttttt for anxiety and panic, induces a sense of calm and wellbeing, helped out my pain some, and was just all around wonderful. If I saw it again I'd get it again every t...”

  • “The name definitely speaks for itself, the scent & flavors are in between cherry coke & kush. The organic flowers I received were nicely crystalized, even though a little dryer than I like my buds, none the less a delicious find to smoke in any manner, very flavorful out of a heady glass spoon. I love the energetic, focused, keep your pep effect it gave me!”

  • “ABSOLUTELY my favorite INDICA strain! Has an amazing high that alleviates not only chronic pain, but also helps with stress and anxiety. The smell and taste are unique and MEMORABLE, leaving a potent aftertaste and feeling. This is a TOP SHELF strain that will call you back again and again.”

  • “Beautiful looking buds, the color is amazing. Smell and taste is just as good, a heavy hitter for sure.”

  • “Probably my favorite strain. Absolutely love the taste. Would recommend for anyone with insomnia or severe pain. Definitely a very strong indica.”