China Yunnan Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “its an easy strain to grow taste a little fruity nice relaxying happy high. KIda lemon hashy smell to it . perfect for a laid back rainy sunday morning”

  • “Live high report: Im feeling GREAT MAN! Im moving slow buts its ok because in can say what I'm typing as i type what I'm typing. Feeling REALLY chilled right now,I'm thinking about good things and I'm not stressing, i got uni exams and I'm feeling so anxiety what so ever. Great strain!”

  • “legendary. but this if you see it”

  • “kinda week and has a weird taste but its pretty good ig”

  • “I do not know the full affects of this as I have only smoked it with other drugs, but from what I've experienced it's very high in the indica side and makes me extremely sleepy.”

  • “sleepy,relax,”

  • “Really relaxing experience with a high level taste. Highly recommended”

  • “really fluffy, light buds. cheesy/fruity smell. really relaxing, heavy eyelids, very indica. a little couchlock-y. definitely recommended for relaxing.”