Chocolate Chunk Reviews

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  • “I am a medical patient who lives with chronic pain that stems from a combat related injury. Not only does this delicious smelling, beauty of a nug taste amazing, she is incredible for pain. I suffer from PTSD and have found that this wonder drug called "Chocolate Chunk" also works incredibly fast for anxiety/panic attacks. Three pulls of a joint and I already drop my anxiety to near nothing. Too much is quite cou...”

  • “This is a really good indica! I have the flu right now, and this is really good. Very very relaxing almost immediately from the first inhalation. Helped with my flu symptoms as well! Helps with the headache, body ache and overall bad feeling. Very smooth, you only cough if you take too much, easier to smoke with the flu then some harsher strains. First time I bought a quarter, then I bought a half ounce right afte...”

  • “I think this strain is something special I u want get rid of the pharmaceuticals try this strain replacment and wan off the western pharmaceuticals. very intense very potent they don't give choc chunk enough credit for it's wonderful numbing pain relief trust I suffer from severe neuropathy and musclular skeletal pain. Sci injury gun shot wound to spinal cord roots and l2 vetebrate”

  • “Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Orgrow Strain: Chocolate Chunk Indica -- Potency Analysis: TTL 21.5% THC 20.40% CBD 0.27% -- Cost: $15/gram -- The smell is very pungent. It's that rich, swampy kind of smell. It gets deep into your sinuses and dances around back there. There's a dank, heavy sweetness in the earthiness. -- Smoking ...”

  • “"Oh Cheese Fudge" (strain) Chocolate chunk x sour diesel x og kush x cheese Best strain for holistic care. Indica dominant but can vary; clearly ^”

  • “Smoked two bowls and whoa, what may be the strongest appetite I've ever had followed. A medium-sized bag of Doritos, two corndogs, a few blueberry donut holes, and a small amount of chinese food barely touched these munchies. I was also fairly giggly and talkative. I just wanted to sit and watch movies. Classic indica, although I had to smoke a bit more than I usually do. A third bowl later in the day provided a nice...”

  • “I enjoy this strain before I end the day. It really helps me unwind all my stress after a long busy day.”

  • “This is a great 100% indica. Bred from a select hindu kush from what I have seen in the genetics .The trichomes I got on my batch were beautiful and very plentiful. It made me really sleepy and hungry; it was great for a late night munchie fest. I would recommend this strain to anyone that wants a great couchlock feeling that lasts for a long time.”