Chocolate Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this strain feels amazing , body wise and opens up a night of relaxation and serenity. popcorn , music and friends become mind bending and a new high for pleasantry . fantastic.”

  • “amazing strain tastes great smells amazing gets you at the perfect level”

  • “This strain is fine. It's probably best suited for new smokers who are looking for a stereotypical, body lock high. For more experienced smokers, it's a fine, mild high. I wouldn't pass on this if someone offered me a hit. This just isn't something I would keep in my usual stash.”

  • “I fuckin enjoy this I'm the nigga who loves soft and light weed and I fuckin recommend this”

  • “Got some from Tj's organics. Amazing indica. Will put you to sleep if your not careful. Personal fav of my wife. Nice smooth smoke and of course has a hint of chocolate.”

  • “this weed is really..... 😤😥😧stonedyy”

  • “very relaxed mellow high that lasts, bought an ounce great for smoking when stressed or just need to chill strong smooth body high overall great bud”

  • “Nice relaxed body high, while still keeping your mind clear enough that you can still focus on tasks at hand. Take a few more puffs to slip into a nice calming high.”