Colorado Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I am Kind of Digging this Strain, GREAT BIG BUDS, beautiful smell of Kush, Fantastic bag appeal, Wonderful long lasting cerebral High, Lots of pain relief, I would grab it again anytime”

  • “big fan so far. it looks kind sativa like in the buds but its not even like that. honestly it almost looks like mids but once you hit the green a deep wonderful taste and effect that proves ain't no mids”

  • “I medicated myself .68grms of a joint when I got up yesterday morning,one and a half hour later was still waiting for effects. The trees are beautiful bright green outter foliage and lavender flowers where pistols extrude, no discernable flavor profile, maybe I got a male non flowering plant, for me this is good filler weed best mixed with a better grade to stretch it.”

  • “great strain for pain and being focused. love it. sometimes it can be a bit strong tho. :D”

  • “Definitely something that's a tasty treat and gives food so much flavor”

  • “Awesome strain!!”

  • “amazeballs. NL#5 has always been a favorite. absolutely no anxiety left after smoking this strain. pure, panic free bliss. also helped with knee pain”