Confidential Cheese Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “The smell and taste of this strain was amazing. The effects seemed kind of subtle to me. I felt happy and relaxed but not so much that I was too couch locked. This made me super MUNCHY. So if you need an appetite stimulant this would be perfect. Had heightened arousal, not as much as some strains, but definitely notable. Went to bed easily and didn't wake up once during the night. Overall nice strain.”

  • “This strain rocks in every aspect except yield. And I read a post that said co fade trial cheese wasn't bred by DNA but By reserve privoda. I think it's Reserve Privada and it's a group of growers I'm the California area with ties to DNA that get DNA Genetics strains that are clone only or discontinued so yes it's DNAs gear. Also there's a LA Cheese by Big Buddha that's the same cross then back crossed once giving it...”

  • “It has a cheesy taste, not too strong but noticeable each time you vape it, even mixed you can taste it very strongly. Doesn't cause paranoia that often, you're not really focused on any task but you can do it exceptionally it will feel like second nature. You feel like you progress more. Everything I do, I feel like I do it with cheerful readiness. Haven't thought about anything sad and disappointing lately even tho...”

  • “This is right now my top medicinal strain. The taste and smell of this stuff is off the charts kushy and cheesy! I use this medicine everyday for chronic pain, bipolar, and severe anxiety and it never has let me down. The high is first cerebral and then works its way into the body within 5-10 min. As far as quality and consistency this is my top 5 bud of all time!”

  • “My current favorite Indica. The effects are powerful, with a solid body high and a thoughtful mind. This strain left me laughing at some of the dumbest stuff, lifting my mood and bringing me to a perfect happy state. A great party Indica for those who want a solid body high and happy effect that brings friends together.”

  • “WOW WHAT A STRAIN.. i first tried in amsterdam and it was a pschedelic type of high.. i got vision blurred and i start to see everything more right now in los angeles..still a pschedelic strain..i recommend..not as potent as amsterdam but the smell is way better..buds without breaking them is smelling like adidas deodorants..when you put in pieces you smell cheese..very very unique strain..”

  • “A really nice strain. I had a really intense but good high. At the end of my ounce I put all the chrystals from the grinder into one spliff which was in fact very medicating. ;)”

  • “in amsterdam they call it 'LA Cheese' in US they call it confidental has its own smell..kinda like gorilla glue but more lemony..very psychedelic effects..++++++”