Conspiracy Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I like a good indica in the evening, and this one doesn't disappoint. After a few hits, my head feels like mashed potatoes and I say funny shit and the Mr. and I giggle like hyenas. Then we curl up together in our hyena den and sleep. When we awake in the morning, we are humans again.”

  • hi2

    “We're you feeling a bit down? Conspiracy Kush can rapidly change your mood. Instant euphoria. Try not to smile....Almost impossible. Not a whole lot is going to bother you. Relaxing. You can stay awake if that's what you'd like to do.....or not. Anyway, it's a wonderful strain.”

  • “good for pain .”

  • “Instachill. This 70/30 indica dominant strain really gives you a cloudy head high. I found myself staring at my computer screening in the middle of writing this.”

  • “This gave me a pretty good trip, I didn't know where I was for about 10 seconds, but I came back. Melted nerve pain almost instantly, with the first bong hit. This made me tired, but not enough to pass out. I was very relaxed, no stress, no worries, no nerve pain, lowered overall pain a few notches, but I did cough a bit. This had odd flavors of pine and stainless steel.... maybe that's chemical? I don't know, t...”

  • “I'm a disabled vet, and I have issues with stress, noise, unfamiliar spaces . I'm new to weed at 49, it was never my thing. After tonight I can see why Snoop digs this stuff !! No head buzz, just mellow and even. It took the place of 8 of my 32 daily pills. I'm hoping to get rid of a couple more!!! I'm really impressed.”

  • “There is a 2 phase high from this delicious piney lemony funky goodness. It hits you REALLY hard in the dome piece for a while. Super heady and doesn't feel like an Indica at all. That'll last for a while, and then it shifts into a full body, warm, fuzzy high that will lull you to sleep if you welcome it.”

  • “Absolutely Delicious”