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Method: Barney's Flower in a Vaporizer Aroma: It smells, sweet with a bit of spice and fruit. 1/1 Star. Taste: The sweet takes over at first with a marshmellow-y pastry taste before ending with some berry hints. I think this would be amazing as a vape cartridge to really pull out the right terpenes. 1.5/2 Stars. Feel: A strong and classic indica. Had to cancel a walking tour I had later that night and just sit on a pier watching Canal water before putting on a movie I never finished as I passed out at home. It wasn't the most practical choice for a tourist trying to milk their vacation but could be great for insomnia and counting sheep. 1.5/2 Stars. Ranking: OG Kush and GSC are two of my favorite indicas and are parents of some of my favorite strains separately. Cookies Kush is a great way to try them together but sometimes you just want the originals. 1/1 Star. Total: 4 Stars.
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Form & Method

  • Flower
  • Vaporize


  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Dry Eyes

Flavor Profile

  • Sweet
  • Berry
  • Flowery
  • Pine
  • Vanilla
  • Spicy/Herbal

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