Cream Caramel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Elegí cream caramel buscando una indica, y su olor y aspecto me llamó la atención. El punto de curado era perfecto, lo que siempre es de agradecer. Los cogollos son firmes y compactos, de un verde intenso y cubiertos de resina, que brilla y tiene tonos marrones, azucarados -entiendo que por el grado de maduración en que fueron cosechados. El olor no es muy intenso. Es agradable, con tonos cítricos y dulces. No encu...”

  • “UNREAL nighttime pain stress and insomnia. Also lasts pretty long with a great caramel sweet taste to it!”

  • “To be fair, I will review this again because after a good cure it has improved taste and has the caramel smell. The buzz is very strange, your face feels putty like and you get huge waves of VERY STONED. VERY STRANGE. The body effects are not the best but I did sleep well on it. If you read the back round on this strain- it is mixed with a synthetic strain. I have Karamelo AKA Kreamy Karamel from Kannabia in the work...”

  • “Great strain with an awesome focus. Great for work and interacting with people. Now I just need to get this strain and Green crack in bed together.”

  • “ok guys got about a half p. my grower got that for me. i like it does thr job. stronger on the indica end. i forgot to add has a nice sweet after tone”

  • “A little of happy at the beginning and then 20 minutes later you can feel the hammer of thor putting you to sleep. Great sweet flavor, like cookie”

  • “light buzz with a head fuzz an all over body relaxation feeling, great pain relief.”

  • “Very good to watch series and fall sleep if you are a night owl”