Critical Hog Reviews

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  • “Just tried this strain for the first time last night, then again this morning, and once more just now and I am in love. I am not a huge pure indica person, but I needed it for pain, nausea, and relaxation. It worked great on all three levels without leaving me totally sleepy like most pure indicas... this to me was an excellent thing. I am somebody with a lot of stuff to accomplish throughout the day. In addition, I ...”

  • “Heavy high, creeper onset, beware. Feels like a hog is sitting on my chest, in the best way. Good body high, can feel it in the front of my face/forehead area. 10 chills being "I'm slowly falling through space with my eyes locked open", this is like 8 chills. I'm a lightweight though😛”

  • “This was a good strain. I bought 1 gram of shatter. First hit and my mind was blown. I instantly felt calm and relax. This strain is perfect for the end of the day. Not over powering where I was not able to function. Smoke and clean is what I did and clean the house I did”

  • “With this strain it doesn't feel like I'm high but then I find myself hysterically laughing at stupid shit and I'm like yeah, I'm high”

  • “What a great Indica. Stinky dense buds, that pack a great high. I almost always have a panic attic after I smoke, but not with this one. Critical Hog has such a great high, very uplifting and happy...”

  • “creeper/ good indica”

  • “amazing indica strain...definitely creeps on you and a very very relaxing high”

  • “A creeper that isn’t detectable until it wallops aside the head. Instantly went from feeling sober to mind being gone. Feels like Headband with a strong physical sensation around the head that simultaneously feels cloudy and drifty. Emotional state is surprisingly stable and unmoved. Despite the rootedness, there’s a wonderful euphoria elevating from the chest that lifts spirits. It’s prevalent and easily detectable,...”