Critical Sensi Star Reviews

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Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Perfect for my lower back pain, leg aches, also great for relieving stress and anger”

  • “Method of consumption: Volcano Vaporizer Pros: Great for pain and full body relaxation without any head effects other than feeling relaxed and the ability for sleep. Relatively fast acting with some tingling in the legs. Smooth draw/exhale. Fruity taste. Cons: No real cons imo, however will make you sleepy/tired, so more of an afterwork/night time strain, unless you don't mind the feeling. Some dry mouth & eyes. ...”

  • “as a person who has suffered from chronic pain for years this has helped me the most, great for sleeping through the night, really has helped my muscle spasms”

  • “I was at a party tonight and someone brought Critical Sensei Star to share. This indica strain smelled of a deliciously skunky lime, and the high gave a most glorious, happy couch lock. Because of this terrific relaxing high I give it full marks. This one would be perfect for anyone suffering from insomnia, and I often do, especially on Sunday nights. I will keep my eye out for it at the dispensaries!”

  • “Nice tight flowers. Tastes kind of fruity with mix of piney. Kind of harsh when exhaling, but a nice high.”

  • “my gawd all I will say is it helps alot with relaxation. amazing hits especially out of my new baby bong. the green lantern. very sweet tasting by far. and it gives you a lock to the couch feel that would make u feel amazing. listen to music would be great.. I listen to Pandora one everytime I smoke a bowl. usually smooth music works very well with a good strain like this.. thank-you Critical Sensi Star. and Sunshine...”

  • “This strain puts you in a real state of bliss, making it easy to relax to music. I really spaced out on this strain, for about a minute at a time. It really helped my lower back, as it had been in a spasm for the last three days. Afterwards, it left me very tired.”

  • “Anytime and everytime I fill my script I get quality service and flowers from this facility. This strain is very flavor filled. A bright lifty high with lots of pain relieving qualities. I use this just before bed. Perfect night cap A+++++”