Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “What to say about this beautiful lady? The high comes on in minutes. It starts in the head, then radiates out through the rest of your body. The relaxation and euphoria are intense, bordering on psychedelic. Sends you right to Saturn. That old zepplin album sounds even better. A definite night time or later in the day strain. A bit strong, so beginners may want to use caution. The flower I got was grown by Secret Gar...”

  • “Reaxes your mind...yeah spelled rong of purpose. Puts on the space HELMET, or the deep sea diving mask. Gives you giant nocturnal eyes...and you'll be shooting at stormtroopers auras instead of there helmets.”

  • “⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️⛽️.”

  • “looking amazing, smells delicious, super fuckin strong.”

  • “A truely "far out" indica. Tokes of C.T.H.A. are not for the light hearted, as this herb will knock you down and sit on your chest till you pass out into psychedelic dreams of flower children dancing naked through electric neon paisley fields. CTHA will blast the olfactory senses with heavy amounts of myrcene and limonene, leaving you sedated and at ease. A good toke of this will likely leave you immovable so plan ac...”

  • “Don't smoke this bus if you want to study or concentrate on something! I caught myself spacing out a few times and on the could the whole time, very strong flower for sure!”

  • “This flower has the best taste! Im not great at descriptions but the flavor is perfect burns slow low yum throw some moon rocks on top perfect night in bed! 😁”

  • “I find this strain is hard to find and beat.... Mother's Milk and Starfighter are an awesome combo. Nice body high, a very nice strain for night time for me; but anyone else might wanna try it during the day 😀✌💨💨”