Crown Royale Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my favorite strains to date. This stuff makes you HORRRRRRNY!!! I mean, the wall looks sexy, horny... Very relaxing. Euphoria to the max. Easy to focus, almost makes you a genius. After a few bits and 20 minutes you will pass out! I have yet to try it in the morning or on a stressful day time. But it's GREAT for night. EEEEEEUPHORIA”

  • “Here I am, back at it again with this Crown Royal stuff. This time I dabbed, last time I vaped. Dabbing- way better, same oil concentrate. I am just a head. No body... don't know how the heck I'm typing right now. Lazy as a mutha fucker. I could probably fall asleep in my computer chair and I CAN NEVER sleep anywhere aside from my bed. I need to get to the couch but I'm so comfortable in this wooden chair. Omg I'm...”

  • “Pure relax, no cerebral paranoia , good for insomnia , back pain .”

  • “I don't know what states the flavors, but this is the most flowery tasting strain I have ever had. I feel super relaxed and chill after just smoking one bong bowl. I will update this after smoking more. I have now smoked a Kiefer layered 2nd bowl, and I am in the absolutely best movie watching high. I'm perfectly content to sit down and watch a movie with friends. overall very relaxed and chill high.”

  • “I vaped this and it had an amazing taste--very sweet. I found that it was a little dusty, which bothered my allergies a little, but totally worth it. Very blissful and euphoric, with a heavy body high. Great for night.”

  • “Grew this strain outdoors for first time and man am I happy with the result. The medical effect is instant and lasting. Highly recommend this strain.”

  • “This indica dominant hybrid is great....The black peppercorn taste flowing into a citrus berry flavor that gives one a complete relax and eliminates pain and seems to go on forever. The flavor of this is unique and one of my favorites.”

  • “One of the first strains I've ever grown. pretty excited a pic I took of it whilst trimming and uploaded here is now the profile image for this flower with such amazing terpenes!! Very relaxing, yet uplifting still. True to the flavor profile, berry delicious!! 😋 Cannot wait to pop some more seeds this month and test the terpene profile @mcrlabs this summer!! 😄”