Dakini Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Loooooooove this for sleep time!!! Knocks me out wake up half the time with my pen in my hand. Amazing stuff if you're having a hard time sleeping. Gotta try baking with it and hopefully that keeps me asleep throughout the night. If you have a hard time falling asleep this is the shit.”

  • “This quickly became my favorite strain. I love everything about it, blissfully coffee/caramel/Berry taste and I am a indica only person and this took over purple bubba and Kosher Kush as well as Afghani and Afghan Kush. I loved it so much I grabbed some Beans and am Growing it so I never loose this precious gift from above! As a hardcore indica head, it's hard to make my top 3 list but this took over even Mother of B...”

  • “One of my top sleep strains!”

  • “This strain so far has been great for my insomnia. I love indicas and mostly just smoke at night for sleep/stress. I've only found a few other indicas that help but you never know what's gonna be on the menu. so when I heard of the Dakini Kush was at a dispensary close by I had to grab an ounce real quick before it sold out because it was very popular. I've heard people rave about this strain and so far it's money we...”

  • “great indica strain for serious relaxation. currently using volcano digital running at 373° vaping a couple bowls and I am sedated. very relaxing and mellow buzz. buds definitely have a hoppy/coffee/earthy smell to them. it's delicious. great indica strain yes I'd recommend anyone who enjoys a strong Indica”

  • “this is one of my favorite indica strains, great for evenings!”

  • “Pluto and Scottie ain't on this!!!!!!”