Dank Schrader Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just loaded some grinded dank into my ascent vaporizer and it almost instantly relieved me of any feeling of anxiety or stress. I then used an adapter to set my vaporizer on top of a glass pipe, put on the tv, and enjoyed the intense feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Great for patients looking for a medical grade indica.”

  • “I'm a daily smoker and usually need a strong indica to hit the spot. I'm also a very picky smoker because I really enjoy high grade premium bud. I picked this up at my local dispensary in Vancouver, THC. The bud itself is dense and sticky, full of crystals with a strong sweet Kush scent. It busts up plentiful and is very easy to roll. The smoke is heavy and thick, sweet on the inhale. Immediately I felt my body relax...”

  • “Could possibly go down as the best Indica of all time. Not for rookies, gave my gf 1 toke and she greened out..”

  • “I get the dankness, some fire there. I can feel this already so it came on nice and swiftly. I feel it in both mind and body. Deep, smooth taste with a distinctive flavor. P.S. Everytime I get high and write a review I seem to always click in the search bar to write my comment. Can you move search bar to bottom and keep the top for comments with the green add button to the right? Feeling creative, very nice buzz, ...”

  • “the killzzzzzzzz”

  • “My personal favourite.”

  • “This strain is superb. Very potent and medicating. Super effective as something to relax muscles. Bit of a creeper, the most prominent effects were felt after consumption. I recommend this strain to anyone looking for top shelf quality.”

  • “By far best bud for me up to this point! By far beats 2 ND place by a long shot. Definitely a creeper, takes you to the edge of paranoia bud keeps you on cliff. Like as if you are holding it inside instead of blowing it everywhere.”