Dark Side of the Moon Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I've never seen a bud so purple before! This Indica smells smooth with a slightly sweet tang. Very smooth smoke, and the effects hit you instantly. Half a joint and I was out cold, happily drifting off to sleep. Should be called "Goodnight Mr. Moon". Great for anxiety ♥️”

  • “Have not seen dark purple like this since the late 70s and early 80s when Purple Humbolt was the rage in California. I am growing some F1 clones and am very satisfied with their progress. This has a berry flavor and is some of the best indica for insomnia I ever tried.”

  • “This is a phenomenal indica that I've been wanting to try for so long and I got lucky at my local dispensary to grab the last batch. It really is a powerful relaxant. It doesn't leave you stuck, your thought process is clear, but it is VERY nap-inducing, in a good way. It will float you down gently without leaving you feeling hungover when you wake up like some indicas do. Smooth on the inhale, nice slightly sweet af...”

  • “"Pretty dang exciting" - Nacho Libre”

  • “Simply one of the best medicine around for sleeping! An indica true to its nature. Gorgeous looking bud, tight, compact, dense, hints of purple and a beautiful tone of green. Smell is supa dank and sweet! Can't say I taste berries but it is definitely pleasant with Earth aromas. High is extremely indica and will have you feeling spaced out, slightly sedated. Although it approaches it in a very euphoric way and settle...”

  • “Would love to try this but....Wa. Is pretty far trom Co. just say'in! The name caught my eye and then when I read on ....damn just what I envisioned! Bummer!”

  • “This strain hits smooth, and the affects come fast. Out of respect for the name I listened to some pink Floyd (which I normally don't listen to) and as a very euphoric high took over to the sounds in the music, all my pain and anxiety went away.”

  • “Best strain I've had in a while”