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Dark Star Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I am rating for the first time because of some comments in the ratings. As a patient of severe and debilitating pain most of my life, this strain is wonderful. It helps with fibro, nerve and bone pain, sleep, and everything in between. I was able to get this medicine at my local dispensary ONCE. And it went fast, so it must have been grown and handled correctly. If you find some and it doesnt give you the relief I d...”

  • “Dark Star is an amazing CBD-heavy Indica with amazing painkilling properties (IMO very close to those of codeine-syrup) and an amazing sensation of relaxation and cerebral peace. I've had both of this strain's parents (Mazar-I-Sharif and Purple Kush) and they're also both amazing Indicas with strong relaxation effects too. Unlike it's parents, Dark Star also contains more CBD-to-THC and thus is a better painkiller (q...”

  • “By far this lands in my top 10 strains, NOT FOR THE NOVICE!!! This had me nodding out about an hour and slept Ike a rock. Beautiful dense tight flower it's expensive but worth it.”

  • “The only thing I don't like about this strain is that I only grew one plant!!! I got the seeds free and after reading up on how strong Dark Star was and since my wife (Stage3c OvarianCancer) and I (Epilepsy) just started vaporizing for the first times in our lives, I didn't want to grow it until we got used to some others. My next grow will be a minimum of 4 plants because Dark Star is Awesome for Pain/Nausea from...”

  • “Dark Star is amazing. I find it difficult to find indicas that really sedate me. Dark Star and Afghani have really earned their spots on my top 10.”

  • “He ain't heavy... he's my brother... unless he's been smoking Darkstar. Then it's like trying to shift Jupiter from orbit. Heavy, heavy indica. Only one I've found that will reliably put me down and put me OUT. Taste is... alright, it tastes like shit. Specifically, you get pine, lime, wood and then chemical/plastic on the end. So no, this is not a tasty herb. Unless you like smoking those little green tree air fres...”

  • “This strain smells like lime and pine trees, so it's very refreshing. The taste reminds me of granola and pine nuts, it's neutral and earthy with a hint of lime. Dark star is a great strain if you want to feel clear headed and happy, with pain relief included. This strain makes it much easier to focus, and it's almost psychoactive since it makes everything appear more HD. Be warned though: Have munchies readily avail...”

  • “Great strain for pain and muscle spasm! I really like this strain, with in a few minutes pain was gone and a space feeling comes over you. For me this is an evening pain relief. It also mellows you out. I recommend trying this strain if it's in your area. The spacey feeling reminds me of Mars Og with the body feeling like Purple Kush, Great combo!”