Deep Purple Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Deep Purple is Purple Urkel x Querkel. Mostly indica-dominant. Buds were very purple and when squeezed smelled like grapes and lavender. The taste is very purply. If you've smoked other purple strains such as Purple Kush or The Purps you will recognize the creamy, purple taste immediately. The high was lethargic and lasted a few hours. Great night-time smoke or daytime smoke when you've got nothing to do.”

  • “deep purple is a beautiful looking weed. with a thc of .32 and thca of 16 mixed with a .29 cbd, an excellent indica for people with sleep disorders or muscle spasms.”

  • “This was my first time trying Deep Purple and it was absolutely amazing. It started off with a good head high that turned into a body high and I was relaxed for quite a bit. Not to mention the bud is beautiful. Love this strain.”

  • “This is a simple indica with a wonderful aroma. The flower I had was grown by Vita Organics, and was surprisingly green. Light orange hairs spiraled up towards the heads of the amorphous nugs. Its smell was sweet and fruity, but I'm not necessarily sure about grapes - it might smell a bit like wine. The high is heavy; light and warm euphoria, sedation, thought delineation, giggles. It's pretty classic, probably excel...”

  • “A true indica! This strain tastes amazing but definitely for just relaxation high. You start off on a good head high then this strain will knock you out if you're even remotely tired. But the taste alone makes for excellent boat times !”

  • “Very relaxing and extremely great taste! Taste like GRAPE!”

  • “Super Dense! Heavy in the jar earthy aroma hits me in the third eye. The Smell: Fruity not grape like it smells more of a deep sweet plum, undertones of soil fresh soil not manuer its hard to explain like soil from the amazon, it's also a little musky, pungent! The Bud: Damn Purple fer sure that velvet royal purple! It's a rose structure, foxtails towards the top, some really heavy in orange as well haze yellow over ...”

  • “Tastes very sweet! 🍇🍇 Grape on the tongue. Definitely makes me feel relaxed , time feels like time is going by very slow like no audio is catching up to the visual images. Overall the high is sincere and makes me feel more intellectual.”