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Denver Maple Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend

  • “Starts with a heavy yet not too heavy body buzz. The perfect body buzz to be exact. Slowly your mind melts and becomes a wonderfully relaxed land of good thoughts and smiles. Soon after smoking wanted to laugh and had no reason, this is some high quality. Great for relaxation of the mind and body. For ptsd and anxiety and stomach pain I can say this is a go to. Kinda psychedelic behind everything as well, almost like...”

  • “My guess has some lineage of Pinot rinor.”

  • “My all-time favorite strain. Amazing smell, and the flavor gets me nuts! Strong body high and highly sedating.”

  • “Really lung expanding, almost a mix of earthy and pine like flavor with hints of rejuvenating citrus to keep your palette wondering what's going on.”

  • “One of the best highs I have ever been able to enjoy. High hallucinogen, high euphoria and really deep thoughts. Great for enjoying in nature, I think I looked at a yellow and red changing tree for an hour.”

  • “solid bud”

  • “This was recomended to me by one of the guys at the counter. Melowed me out so nice after a long day of travel. Want to try again before i leave denver”