Denver Maple Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend

  • “My guess has some lineage of Pinot rinor.”

  • “Definitely deserved the award as far as effects and potency, the taste was slightly earthly for my taste but was purely genetic and not a result of a bad cure. Downright incredible flowers, I loved the uplifting giggly mood that a bowl put me in. Found a great place by Gem Lake in Estes Park, to sit and enjoy the view and some Denver Maple. It was worth the 12 hour drive across the Midwest just to pick up an eighth.”

  • “I've been happily surprised by this strain. I don't understand why the rating is only a 3.7!?”

  • “solid bud”

  • “One of the best highs I have ever been able to enjoy. High hallucinogen, high euphoria and really deep thoughts. Great for enjoying in nature, I think I looked at a yellow and red changing tree for an hour.”

  • “My all-time favorite strain. Amazing smell, and the flavor gets me nuts! Strong body high and highly sedating.”

  • “This was recomended to me by one of the guys at the counter. Melowed me out so nice after a long day of travel. Want to try again before i leave denver”