Digweed Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I listened to Heaven Scent by its namesake the first time I smoked it. Strong fruity/floral scent, and very smooth smoke. Definitely helps me relax and makes it easier to get to sleep, but is by no means a couch lock. In fact it makes me super talkative when smoked during the day.”

  • “High in CBD. I found this strain to be the Best for Pain. There is No Paranoia ever. It has a flavor of Tea. I noticed it takes care of IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), Stress, Depression and Anxiety. The overall effect is Happiness.”

  • “Digweed is a strain acquired by Tilray originally in seed form from the seed company House of the Great Gardener. They then grew it themselves and releases it to their patients. this is a very unique strain. Super Dense, small yellow rock hard nuggets are what my sample was composed of. It smells unlike anything I've ever smoked before. So intensely reminiscent of a lemon cleaner its ridiculous. Has almost a Vicks® l...”

  • “This was my first time to try Tilrays dig weed it was good wasn't the huge knockout indica I'm used to but I was able to do stuff through out the day around the house and it didn't make me sleepy so great! This package was dry like normal tilray it was a good buy other than the price $9 a gram would have liked to see it around $6.”

  • “Not the greatest recreational buzz but awesome medicine. BEDTIME! 3.75 out of 5”

  • “I have been trying high CBD strains to see if this helps with muscle tension and spasms so I was happy to see this as an option to try. I don't know if this was only for this crop, but the cannabis that I received was very wet and harsh to smoke. I found it offered very little relief from my symptoms and actually made my lungs sore after a few days of use. I would not recommend this strain at all. I am hoping fo...”

  • “love the smooth taste, really help for pain. I would so recommend this to anyone dealing with pain.”

  • “Digweed is a high CBD strain with reasonably decent pain relieving properties. It provides a relaxed feeling and a very mellow buzz. Overall a good strain but nothing outstanding about it.”