Do-Si-Dos Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked this up at Show Grow Ramona ! Worth the Visit, they consistently supply High Quality California Bay Area strains. Been waiting to try this one :) This was labeled a "Hybrid" at the Dispensary. Picked up a description of the genetics off of The description as follows: Do si do is a cross between OGKB Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG bx1. It’s a terrific Cookies cross that’s roughly 50% Indica...”

  • “Good for pain, doesn't get you too foggy. Good for anxiety. Relaxing.”

  • “One of the Best strains I have ever smoked in my life and this one get you couch locked for sure if you have pain he takes it mostly all the way obviously if I can get all of it away but it takes most of it away it is very tasty if you smoke with hemp wick even better I recommend this for nighttime use very good for sleep if you can find it absolutely pick it up it is worth every penny and at least get a gram or to s...”

  • “Despite its indica heavy genomes, this smells and medicated more like a well balanced hybrid. Great body buzz with slow euphoric mind high. Phenomenal strain to combat any pain ailments or stress. Not for beginners as this packs (if grown right) a very high thc and cbd composition.”

  • “Whoa! This delicious strain is perfect for insomniacs and to manage pain. Sweet piney skunky scent, taste and an immediate head and body high with just slight paranoia the quickly fades. Be safe - dont drive at all using this one. Purchased from my favorite dispensary, Thrive Market in North Las Vegas -- always top notch quality and fastastic swrvice.”

  • “Top shelf. Super fast, euphoric high. Amazing flavor. Very smooth. After a few dabs, I stared at the wall for 20 mins with complete glee.”

  • “DAMN! This strain is sexy and it tastes delicious! One of the best strains of 2016 for a reason. Kush lover. Made my body feel like it was melting.”

  • “Tasty strain that sends tasty waves all through, mind and body. I smoked PIM's (Sonoma County grow) version and it kicks ass. It's indoor, smooth, frosty, citrusy and earthy - and definitely has the GSC flavor to it.”