Dorit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “חומר לחתונות”

  • “Very smooth when vaped effects are almost imediate good for quick pain relief and instint relaxation the whole world seems funny when u are flying on this magic carpet ride. Slightly less potient then its brother Eran both avaliable from Medreleaf.”

  • Adi

    “It's nice. not too special..”

  • “This is a nice strain, no doubt, but as is commonly the case with MedReleaf their "top shelf" 15 dollar strains are inferior to the 12.50 and even 5 dollar strains. The hype around Tikkun Olam notwithstanding, this is a solid OG type flower with a predictable smooth sail - if a bit harsh when combusted.”