Dream Berry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This indica was a very relaxed feel. I felt great and happy started to get a little lazy and just set down and relaxed loved it.”

  • “It was very mood-lifting. Not an overbearing high. Solid full body high. Would recommend.”

  • “Let me start by saying this. I had only bought about an eighth to try it out. first 2 pulls and i was instantly in love with this strain. it doesn't hit hard on you. It gently creeps up. Youre up in the clouds before you even realize it. A very relaxing high. I would definitely recommend this to all of you. it's top 10 material. Absolute top shelf stuff”

  • “By far the best I've had in a while. I sometimes get anxious after smoking high stavia strains and found the indica strains work best for my anxiety and stress. I like that Dream Berry relaxes me but I can still function around the house in a nice, euphoric calm without my brain stressing about stupid stuff. It tastes great too. I'll buy this one again for sure but will continue to try other indica stains as I'm only...”

  • “This weed has a high that is similar to blue dream except once this one is over u hit the ground harder. The flavor is a delicious sweet berry flavor with a tangy grapefruit aftertaste 4/5”

  • “Love this strain, smoke it before school and I feel so much more focused. Amazing.”

  • “Vet nice sweet berry taste. Quick effects very good pain reliever and relaxing while uplifting. I don't feel lazy but I don't feel energy either with this strain. Definitely makes me hungry though.”

  • “Love it...but creeps up quick.”