Durga Mata Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Best bud I've smoked for pain relief and stress. Very strong indica.”

  • “nice tight dense with a lot of mostly cloudy trichs. high comes on fast and powerful. with a mentholy mint taste on the inhale and a turpentine-jet fuel taste/smell on the exhale leaves a menthol taste on ur tongue. very interesting terpene profile. body pain seems to disappear and painful tingly nerve pain is forgotten. happy and talkative but a bit slow and sleepy. fun for gamers.”

  • “100% Indica RARE HIGH CBDs!!”

  • “The happiness level on this strand needs to definitely be higher!! I was ecstatic while on this man!! 😁🙌🏾”

  • “Awesome, smells like perfume, and gives a relaxing feeling, without the cough effect, great for outdoor grow, very resistent to bugs”