Dutch Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Definitely not a choice for before noon, I found this strain to be great for winding down with a pile of confectionary. Fairly couch locking but you'll still enough enthusiasm to drive to the shop for supplies. Pretty short bushy plant with fat leaves during growth, doesn't start producing heaps of visible resin until later weeks of flowering so doesn't start to stink for a while. A plus for those concerned with odou...”

  • “Heavy yield, frosty bugs that smell like fruit loops. Got it as a freebie from Amsterdam Seed Center and was impressed”

  • “I got it as freebie from Amsterdam seed center it was great !! The buds were many and heavy !! I will definitely will buy some seeds from this strain !”

  • “smell and taste is like good sweet fruit tea. Strong body high and big hunger :D”

  • “Real nice strain, intense high, very potent. Beautiful buds, heavy crystals, dense, grows very well when topped. Medium to high nutrients, with average yield.”

  • “Not as sedative as I thought it would be, the effects came slowly. At first you're giggly, then hungry and sleepy. It's great to eat something really sweet after this strain.”

  • “Green crush cheap flower, not good”