Edelweiss Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “-1st Degree BLACK BELT BUDS- Still as tasty and clear-headed as ever. I really enjoy this smoke when I need to wat5ch my children. It keeps my head totally clear while also enabling me to pick up my kids w/o ANY back pain whatsoever. This weed really helps me get through the day without feeling out of it or feeling l,ike just sitting on the couch and not moving. If your looking for that then look for a Indica maybe. ...”

  • “I smoked this strain a couple of times now and it get's better everytime. This last smoke was really cool, I actually made a psychedelic drawing in a couple of hours. After that I smoked another joint with Edelweiss in it and I made another drawing in the same style, with the same passion. Great smoke, uplifting feeling and it makes you really chill. Enclosed a picture I've drawn when smoking Edelweiss.”

  • “decided to try out some new strains with some friends and we got our hands on some edelweiss, rolled up puffed down, and when i had my first couple of tokes and noticed it tasted really nice and the smoke was smooth, high as f*ck really good strain, bought in Amsterdam, blue lagoon coffeeshop”

  • “Vary good for back pain. clear headed high. can do HW or be in class with this :)”

  • “Good for those ol' back pain, i find it great to smoke even in the morning”

  • “has a nice high which makes you light headed still able to do some things but no heavy machinery though XD. taste is very green has a bit of a skunk taste. for the value 9€ the gram its actually very good would buy it again if it was avaiable near me but it isnt. for 9€ i prefer snow white which gives you a for more quality taste.”

  • “They sell this at the shop I go to (Moby Dick, Hengelo, the Netherlands). I must have smoked at least 200 grams in the past two months and have never felt better, both physically and mentally. If you're looking for a strain to get your day started without ("Mental") pain, anxiety or general social awkwardness, or if you're looking for a strain to go outside and smoke in the park with your friends and perhaps even pla...”

  • “Very nice high. I can still work all day or watch my kids or drive and still feel major relief...”