El Chapo OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This shit won't have you digging any tunnels under prisons. You're not escaping from this high.”

  • “One of my favorite strains of all time! Really dense and super sticky. Has a really good high and hits you right instantly!”

  • “This strain did it all 4 me! Anxiety, depression, insomnia, knee pain all crushed instantly. Piney for sure & definitely OG tasting! Only set back is all out & haven't been able to get more. Apparently it's a rare strain already!”

  • “Hooly crap. Definitely one of my new favorite strains. Get ready for an El Nappo with this one lol”

  • “definitely a sleeper .. recommend this b4 bed”

  • “It is a strain for a calm relax joint pain is gone as well as a kinda euphoric feeling of being hugged cuddle up and relax”

  • “This is a feel good strain. I like this strain alot. It tastes sweet and very smooth on the throat. It hits you immediately and give a feel of relaxation and peace. One of my favorites for Night”

  • “Amazing. And despite what others have said this potent indica isn't nearly as sedative to me as powerhouses like death bubba and GDP but the mellow stone is pleasant and pulsating throughout my body”