El Jefe Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Wow. Very strong, relaxing and sedating. Closed eye visuals with music. EXCELLENT PAIN RELIEF! I am really impressed! So sticky it gummed up my grinder. Very pungent, tasty, took a long time to fully vape a bowl. Dense- It looked quite small and compact. Went back for another bag the next day, because it will be gone fast.! I never give 5 stars, but this is so good and I could not give a 4.75.”

  • “El Jefe (OG). High rushes on and continues to expand. There’s a streak of razor coolness and stable confidence that makes you feel in charge, yet easy going. Pretty bad-ass. I say streak because the majority of your mental space is erased, leaving you floating on euphorically tropical waters. It really does wipe your ability to concentrate. Your thought process just instantly evaporates, leaving you in a mindless stu...”

  • “The smell coming off this bud is unreal - Meyer lemon, honey, and pine. The taste is similar, but with a spicy black pepper note. The high is a bit delayed, kicking in shortly after the last inhale. A gentle body high starts with a tingle behind the eyes and forehead. A little too anxiety provoking for me to rate 5 stars. Although this is a heavy indica, the high THC content (29% in this grow) and minimal CBD give th...”

  • “As advertised by others. Euphoric & Relaxing without Sleepiness & Hunger. Be sure to have a beverage nearby. *That being said. As with any strain, whatever the label on the jar states is all you have to go by if it really is said strain.”

  • “There's a realy pleasant aftertaste. This is a deep and mellow high, it'll lift your mood. El Jeffe really IS the boss.”

  • “Very enjoyably, great for after work relaxing or a chill hangout day.”

  • “Taste: spicy with a hint of lime after taste, really good Definitely a creeper, for the first ten minutes it almost felt like a sativa as I more awake and felt it more in the head but once it sets in get ready because it turns into a full couch lock. Gave me the munchies a little more than normal. Overall great strain, full body relaxation but doesn't zone you out. One to try for sure!”

  • “I'm on chemo pills and dealing with horrible nausea, vomiting and stomach pains. Love this strain, it makes me feel better for almost 3 hours. Honestly I could be vomiting my brains out and puff this strain and feel better instantly and have a raging appetite in usually 15 minutes. Even I'll say the appetite simulation you get from El Jefe is intense.. This is coming from a chemo patient lol I usually can't handle th...”