Emerald OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Tried this one for the first time last night and all I can say is WOW. It was excellent. Gave me a burst of happiness and calmness and then coming down I got pretty sleepy and managed to sleep through the night even though I have chronic insomnia. New favorite for the time being.”

  • “First thanks for Bhang Society in North Hollywood for getting me this new strain. This is my first review on a flower that deserves to be mentioned. I am also not using an alias as I stand proudly behind my reviews. From the gate, you will know Emd means business. Physical layout is gorgeous with heavy carpeted trichomes and fat condensed calyxes. Smell is like a field of lemon trees planted on newly overturned s...”

  • “Sweet smelling yet danky, tight nugs, great indica instant peace of mind, headache relief, & couchlock potential. Medical grade used to treat IBS & PTSD”

  • “Good strain and really makes you relax...the only thing is that this strain hits you later than sooner...so just give it a while and all of a sudden you'll be couch locked”

  • “very unique cut of OG! The smell was dank, fuely and really citrusy very similar to OG, but the taste was lighter and more floral. As for the medical effects, this OG provided a very heavy body high and couchlock. Great for any indica fan who likes OG!”

  • “By far the best I have ever smoked! The taste, the smell, the stickiness when you break it down. Dam! This weed is SEXY! I still break this down by hand just to feel it. The high is one that if you are already high on some coo then this will pass that right up and put you where you need to be. Hu! Then the way burns when you smoke it. I dont know about any of my other favorite that can compare to this. Love it! Wish ...”

  • “I love the smell of this strain ! The high is very relaxing and makes you happy! My new favorite strain.”

  • “Just a great relaxing high that doesn't keep you glued to the couch...unless you want to be. Still feel mentally sharp after smoking. Great for insomnia”