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Endless Sky Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Endless Sky really knocked me on my ass, in terms of potency, taste, and effect. The high is a strong, blunt blow to the middle of the face when it hits, and lasts for upwards of three hours. It gives a very clear high, allowing for you to do all of the things you'd normally try to do. The taste is an almost mango fruit mix, while the aftertaste is reminiscent of lemon. The nug forms very well, creating a high bud-to...”

  • “Endless Sky seemed like a suspicious bud at first glance, it smelt very delicious like mangoes and berries but it looked dark and ordinary. To my surprise this budget friendly pick was amazing. It tastes smooth, sweet and then fruity, with undertones of tropical fruits, citrus and berries. Nice euphoric high, dreamy and mellow.”

  • “A SHOT IN THE DARK!!! I have 40+ years experience growing and using cannabis, a masters degree in agri/horticulture from MSU and will break each review down as follows from my own personal experience with seeds or clones obtained directly from the original breeders: First I have to start out by saying that this and most strains from Greenthumb are complete shots in the dark as far as consistency. You can get 10 Femin...”

  • “Smokes amazing, it's so smooth. Large buds with lots of hairs, not the greatest looking and the smell is really good but not very strong. My bag smelled alot like berries or mango but the taste was more buttery. Very potent for the price,kicks in pretty quick and is a great indica spacey and euphoric high.”

  • “Some say after a full dose of Endless Sky, they don't feel high. Few of those in my personal smoking circle use Cannabis to reap its full medicinal attributes. I do. Yes, I understand why the high is not right away felt. That's aoll well and good; however, I stand behind this strain for the medicinal benefits Endless Sky has in store.”

  • “Loved this strain. instant top 5 for me. Very smooth inhale with a spiced fruit exhale. I highly recommend. A little goes a long way with this heavy-hitter so it’s also easy on your wallet if you’re on a budget…. Always try to smile throughout your day. You will notice more people smiling back. -E”

  • “this strain is very potent after about five ten minutes after you Start smoking it's very strong head euphoric feeling and definitely mimics the name endless sky's very day dreamy one of my favorites...”

  • “A solid indica strain with a very unique flavor, in this batch at least the buttery flavor dominant. Has a rather intense body high but leaves you surpisingly functional.”