Enemy of the State Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Was fucked after 3 puffs”

  • “Mighty Vaporizer only. Smell isn't anything special. Only after weed. Taste the same. It's a pure Indica and you feel it. Not a total Knockout! EOS is sending waves into my body how no other strain does. Highly recomended for any muscle pains. Works even at my wife. Overall 9/10”

  • “For my personal preference I probably wouldn't rate this 4 stars. However, if you're looking for a true indica, few are this good in my experience. It took away my neck pain and resulting headache in a few puffs. Gets you slow though, and thus also works great for sleep. It doesn't really get there if you're looking for any cerebral stimulation and does not produce CEV's at all. On the other hand: no paranoia, dizzin...”

  • “Great evening treat, it alleviates pain and provides a sweet relaxation for both body and mind. Interesting taste, fruity and spicy yet leaves a floral aftertaste.”

  • “Real nice Indica strain, a must try if that's your thing! Heavy and outspoken odour, sweet and spicy. Tastes just like it smell's. Real heavy body stoner. This strain is for me a bit like Orange Bud or California Orange, a tasty and pleasant smoke, ideal for a day on the beach!”

  • “My go-to strain! Been smoking this everyday for a few months now because of its beautiful medical perks. Anxiety almost fully dissapears and it keeps my head cool and mellow no matter what mindset im in or how my day has been. It also gives a great buzz throughout your body which really helps those muscles to relax. Highly recommend this for any indica lover, if you like sativa this might not be the strain for you....”

  • “Great strain. very smooth taste and intense high. a bit hard to find in amsterdam but if you can find it in good quality i would definitely recommend it.”

  • “Least favorite strain so far. Definitely very arousing and good body high but somehow makes me anxious enough to dampen the experience”