Enigma Reviews

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  • “Enigma : 17.3% THC, 70% Sativa/30% Indica, DBA - The Joint Venture It seems that the Enigma i got my hands on is a bit different than everyone else's, which is a bit of a conundrum. After a relatively small bowl, my head is filled with dancing Fantasia mushrooms and all I want to do is jam out on Rock Band. There's no bad aftertaste whatsoever, and the air will smell of citrus for hours. Fair warning, you'll be a ...”

  • “Starts you off happy and leaves you feeling ready for bed. Smells a bit citrus. I love this strain. Perfect for lazy days.”

  • “I suffer from overall pain, severe anxiety, and insomnia. I've tried many strains and experienced many disappointments! This Enigma left me feeling so incredibly good! It started as an energetic happy that slowly wound down to a ready for bed sensation that gave me one of the best nights sleep I've had in months! No cotton mouth, almost zero head high, and an overall sense of happiness are the reasons this is now my ...”

  • “Very strong scent with a tangy taste, nearly mango in flavor.”

  • “Top rate strain. High is very mellow and relaxed. Euphoric feelings trump any depression, even though it is a laid back strain. Very fragrant, with a fruity almost gingerlike odor, but very pleasant. Anxiety and nausea are shown relief with Enigma.”

  • “Lots of frosty trichomes, tasted earthy and sweet, very enjoyable... great for social situations, conversations if you can stay on track... serious appetite... now a calmed, sedate finish, ready for bed. Excellent pain relief also; attacked menstrual cramps & stiff neck.”

  • “This stuff was ridiculous... only had it once and almost forgot until i saw the old medicine bottle. Super earthy and almost kush like this was a definite stand out, but i haven't seen it since. Strong, tastey and relaxing meds though!”

  • “Got this at 420 Holiday in Longview, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent's Tastings -- Brand: Urban Farms Strain: Enigma High-CBD Sativa-dominant Hybrid -- Potency Analysis: TTL 16.8% THC 5.7% CBD 0.1% CBDA 11% -- Cost: $15/gram -- Scruffy kind of earthy smell. Like thin dirt from the alley, not rich soil from the garden. There is definitely a citrus-diesel tang running through the smell....”