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What is ErdPurt?

ErdPurt is another indica-dominant strain from Ace Seeds with more than just a weird name. It is a cross between Erdbeer and Purpuera Ticinensis, two sativa-leaning strains hailing from Switzerland. This strain offers strong physical relaxation while stimulating creativity. The terpene profile is loud with hashy spice and notes of strawberry, blackberry, and coffee. ErdPurt’s unique genetics have their own unique history. Erdbeer has existed in clone form since the mid-90s while Purpuera Ticinensis was developed on Canton Ticino over eight years at roughly 1300 meters above sea level. The history of this strain is almost as robust as its heady, long-lasting high. 

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“very fruity strain, just like most good swiss cannabis, would be 5 star if it was more bud to leaf ratio, but a nice strain. says sativa but I'd consider it a balanced hybrid with a sativa structure. what strawberry cannabis should be breed with is this, think it would be great breed to a heavy indica?”