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Everlast Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Excellent, long-lasting, clear-headed body high. Testing at nearly 30% THC, you only need a couple puffs.”

  • “Really good stuff, had me blazed off just a couple tokes. Highly recommended for use in the bedroom”

  • “I just picked up an eighth of this tonight, and just finished a bowl...I always read up on the strains before I smoke..well not this time...and man I should have...I would have to say, being more of an Indica fan, out of the four strains I have at the moment, which are all really good as well(Bubba Kush, GSC, Yoda OG, and Everlast..of course) this is definitely the most potent and the most beautiful body high of the ...”

  • “Better than the average strain. The high was pretty good, very indica type high that just put me to bed. The skunky taste wasn't the best, as I usually go for more sweet strains, but it was very strong smelling and THC content was VERY HIGH. Not for beginners.”

  • “This is a nice strain that is good for stress, body pains and aches, and has long lasting effects. Very happy with this strain.”

  • “I feel super content with myself, confident and happy yet very mellow and focused. Love the smell and aftertaste! No munchies which I love but it does for others . 10/10”

  • “Very nice body high. Love the taste. Definitely use before bed. It will have you couch locked.”

  • “TOMS HEMP & CANNABIS..his own strain very potent heavy indicia dominant strain. one of many great strains from this grower. make sure to ask your local retailer for the American lot lead....”