Everlast Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Excellent, long-lasting, clear-headed body high. Testing at nearly 30% THC, you only need a couple puffs.”

  • “Really good stuff, had me blazed off just a couple tokes. Highly recommended for use in the bedroom”

  • “Better than the average strain. The high was pretty good, very indica type high that just put me to bed. The skunky taste wasn't the best, as I usually go for more sweet strains, but it was very strong smelling and THC content was VERY HIGH. Not for beginners.”

  • “Very nice body high. Love the taste. Definitely use before bed. It will have you couch locked.”

  • “This is a nice strain that is good for stress, body pains and aches, and has long lasting effects. Very happy with this strain.”

  • “Very good strain for day to day smoking, but simulates munchies like there's no tomorrow. I recommend this for appetite simulation and an overall good feeling mentally.”

  • “TOMS HEMP & CANNABIS..his own strain very potent heavy indicia dominant strain. one of many great strains from this grower. make sure to ask your local retailer for the American lot lead....”

  • “I feel super content with myself, confident and happy yet very mellow and focused. Love the smell and aftertaste! No munchies which I love but it does for others . 10/10”