Extreme Cream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Double Stuff Extreme Cream ran across in joint form from OG Gardens Oregon.Hard hitter Indica mixed with a teaspoon of Canna. brix Formula 91 Cbd had me sitting sideways.Smell funky, pungent, creamy pine smell.Taste nice earthy buttery cookie og taste with a white widow touch to her.Effects used for pain relief flower lasted couple hours.Great overall smoke.”

  • “Got some of this herb from Lake Effect Dispensary in Portage,MI. It clocked in at 33%THC!!! The taste is bold, earthy and menthol-ish sweet. The buzz is really heavy for thorough pain and stress relief. Perfect for staying put somewhere with not much to do. Wanna relax and chill get with this head-banga!!!”

  • “This Extreme Cream is not a joke!! Very strong and and you do get couch locked very easily. When o wanted to do something I could get up and do it but I was dizzy I walk and stand. You get easily distracted if your on you Tv or phone, and music sounds amazing.”

  • “very sweet and creamy, also great for movies at night”

  • “I'm smoking this now and it has a great smell, great crystals, nice energetic focus going on, butter taste there, very tantalizing and very nice relaxation too! Happy feeling. Nicely buzzes you each hit! This is very nice! Got mine here at the Purple Heart Patient Center in Oakland!”

  • “I enjoy both the blend of flavors and the smoothness of the hit. Creamy and buttery with little harshness.”

  • “super strong knockout weed. great before bed. not for daytime use whatsoever.”

  • “Good smooth taste good body high great for relaxing”