Face Off OG Reviews

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  • “I am an experienced cannabis user, ( age...59. years smoking,...44). I have tried to smoke and grow only the finest marijuana available. I say these things so the reader may know my background, and trust my perspective; Face Off Og. may be the most powerful, (all around body and head), cannabis I have had the honor of smoking. I smoked a small bowl in my little pipe last night, about 5 hits. I was watching the ...”

  • “This is a killer strain. Strong on every level , giving me a fantastic experience all around. It was slow to kick in, but once it did, I was up...up...and away. Strong Indica body high, with some trippy effects. Had along going on with sensations in my head. Similar to what I get when I smoke Headband or J1, but with an OG/Kushy twist. Great for chilling out, laughing, music, or movies. Ends with a gentle nudg...”

  • “Hello friends, it is I, the old toker, John 18, from the southernmost point in Orange County, to bring you another review of Face Off Og, this one a year after the first, rather long, treatise, penned by me. I stand by my first review....Face Off Og is the strongest all around marijuana this veteran, ( years smoking...45), has had the pleasure to smoke. It does not take much to have oneself transported to another p...”

  • “This smoke definitely lives up to the name and is not for lightweights. It has a excellent head high that is relaxing and perfect to wind down on after a long day without instantly knocking you out. The nice heavy body high is perfect for major pain relief. This is most definitely a chill out and kick back smoke. I picked this up at HSC in Harbor City and have went back for this a second time. The flavor profile...”

  • “By far my favorite strain.. I have really bad insomnia and I've tried a lot of different strain but none of them Gassed me like this one , LOVE IT and I recommend it to all that have a hard time getting a GOOD Night sleep”

  • “calming, grounding, sleepy. Tastes delicious. straight down-to-earth buzz with low to no risk of psychosis for those who are sensitive.”

  • “10/10 would recommend to anyone with chronic pain!! The heavy OG Kush back crossed in the gal is guaranteed effect along with fruity tasty of purple urkle. Awesome strain!!”

  • “what a wonderful stinky strain of beautiful weed. first hit and your like WOW.. the inhale is a wonderful taste skunk/diesel one of my top 3 favorites if not No.1 got mine at sunflower meds in mesa AZ. Bomb.”