Flaming Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a really great strain fire go which is a nice heavy hitter on back pain, while the platinum gsc "Girl Scout Cookies" Brings in aroma of that oh so earthy and pungent smell! Some hint of berry underneath. The bud was super brown leaves almost look like schwag dumped in a keif jar was just amazing thick looking jalapeño nugs leave me dazed just by looking at it. The effects of this are happy super uplifting sto...”

  • “Great smell, sorta sweet and pungent. Earthy taste with mild diesel finish. Nice Indica that is not to heavy.”

  • “My budtender described this to me as a good Netflix or video game strain because it allows you to focus and chill. However, I found it to be racey like a sativa. My heart was beating and I was shakey as well as quick moving. Definitely a cerebral fog, though. My body was slightly tingly. Mind unable to focus on anything or really move the body to do anything. Very strange, as the feel is both extremely energetic ye...”

  • “very earthy taste but a hint of something sweet...Couch lock strain for sure....Very good high will make you feel Tingley and body high...good for pain and stress relief...will get again at puff Detroit.”

  • “How is this different from Animal Cookies? The lineage is the same.”

  • “Yummy!! Some of the best indi I've had ☺️”

  • “Mmmm. Gets you high as a kite in a short amount of time, and lasts a while. Takes you down nice and gentle for a good night's sleep. Got an eighth of this but I don't know if it's gonna last long. Having a nice time and chilling and watching Parks and Rec.”

  • “great for giving that nice relaxed feeling after a hard day and lifting spirits”